Tarkenton Financial is a new breed of insurance marketing organization, yet our roots stretch way back to 1959.

While millions know Fran Tarkenton the NFL legend, and some know Fran Tarkenton the successful entrepreneur who has built more than one $100 million business, fewer know the Fran Tarkenton who obtained his insurance license in 1959 at age 19, and in his “free time” was the number-one insurance producer in Georgia for Franklin Life Insurance. He’s the same Fran Tarkenton who today is just as passionate about retirement income strategies and innovating in financial services.

Quite frankly, we like it that way.

Since 2003, we’ve quietly built one of the most successful insurance marketing organizations in America by selectively partnering with elite financial professionals. Tarkenton Financial agents are situated to exceed their goals while serving the needs of their clients.

Unlike other insurance marketing organizations, we do relatively little advertising. We don’t have to.

We’re believers in having a reputation that precedes you. Meet Fran Tarkenton and you’ll understand why Tarkenton Financial is right for you. Welcome to an organization:

  Where boutique trumps big.
  Where a family-first philosophy meets a first-class image.
  Where you get to work with the best, because you are the best. Not
 because you say it, but because you prove it. Year in, year out.
  Where performance speaks for itself.


At Tarkenton Financial, you’re never one of many. You’re one of us.

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