One of the great things about being your own boss, as most of you are, is that you can follow your passion, try new things, and be an entrepreneur – i.e. find new streams of income! I’m so excited about all the things we do here at Tarkenton Financial and Tarkenton Companies – we help seniors and retirees, we help business owners, and we help each other as business partners. The key word is HELP.

We have some amazing new small business initiatives that we’ve been working on and that I want to invite you to be part of:

  1. – a business consulting and tools service that has been serving 40,000+ members across the US for nearly 20 years.
  2. Tarkenton Certificate in Entrepreneurship, in partnership with my alma mater, the University of Georgia – a 100-hour, MBA-type online course to help educate and train entrepreneurs.

Both of these projects are so powerful for helping small business owners and entrepreneurs get smarter, run a better business, and ultimately have a better chance to make it. I want to spread this mission, and I want you to help me (and get paid while doing it). That’s why I’ve started a Tarkenton Affiliate Program, and as my partner, I’d like to invite and ask you to participate, share the word with your market, and set up an additional revenue stream for yourself. Here’s how:

As a Tarkenton Affiliate, you earn 30% of every sale that comes thru your unique referral link. For GoSmallBiz, that’s $7.50 per month per subscriber. For the Certificate in Entrepreneurship, that’s a one-time commission of $315. The process is simple:

  1. Register as an affiliate at no cost and get a unique referral link
  2. Share your link on website banners (we provide), emails, social media, newsletters, etc.
  3. Earn commissions every time someone signs up for our services thru your link.

Over the last week, we’ve reached nearly 1 million people across the country with this message of serving small business owners via Fox Business Channel, The Wall Street Journal, CNN Money and more. And this promotion will be ongoing. Watch this 1-minute video from WSJ Live to see what we’re doing. We love how effectively you already reach out to retirees – help us reach out to small business owners and entrepreneurs too.

If you have clients who are small business owners, you can help them get the support and education they need, and set yourself up as a trusted advocate for their retirement AND their business. It all comes back to HELPING our clients and each other. People have to talk to people – start a conversation and see where it leads.

You can find all the details on the program by clicking here. I encourage you to read all the details and sign up. If you have questions, just give any of us a call . We can tell you more and help you get started with this easy, turnkey program. As always, I look forward to your help and your partnership!

Best Regards,



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