Client-Friendly Presentations

The traditional dinner seminars have been around as long as financial advisor themselves. At Tarkenton Financial, we believe advisors need to get away from the idea of “plate lickers.” The way we see it, everyone is a plate licker until they hear a compelling message. That’s where we come in. We have several turn-key seminars that have a message that will captivate and educate your prospects.
New Rules of Retirement
New Rules of Retirement focuses on retirement savings for the younger generation. Educating prospects, in an easy to understand, easy to follow format, about the “new rules of saving.” This workshop is completely turn-key with a full script. Download your New Rules of Retirement toolkit today.
New Rules to Prepare and Protect Your Business
Every advisor wants to work with business owners. With our New Rules to Prepare and Protect Your Business seminar, you can get in front business owners and have a message that identifies the risks to small businesses and what your prospects can do to avoid those risks. We partner with our partner, Acquire Direct, to provide you with this turn-key business owner focused seminar. Call your marketer today to gain access to this seminar.
Premium Financing
High Net Worth clients are the most sought-after demographic financial advisors seek out. The solutions for these clients are much more complex than your average case. With Tarkenton Financial’s Premium Financing Presentation and Client Deliverable, we help you simplify the Premium Financing sale. With a PowerPoint you can use to present to a small group of High Net Worth individuals or our High Net Wort client deliverable that can illustrate how a Premium Finance policy works before the application process. Call Tarkenton Financial today to gain access to this lucrative presentation.
OnPointe Software
One of the biggest objections to purchasing an indexed universal life policy, as you may well know, is the cost of insurance. Tarkenton Financial has access to a client facing software that will help you illustrate, not only are IUL’s not expensive, but that over the life of the policy your client will pay less in cost of insurance than your client would a management fee to their money manager. Call Tarkenton Financial today to gain access to this must have sales tool.