Life Insurance Marketing Programs

Fran always says “there is no silver bullet” and we wholeheartedly agree. In addition to our annuity marketing programs, we offer a diverse set of life insurance marketing programs for a variety of client scenarios to help you expand your business. While not every program is suitable for every financial professional, one thing remains true. The most successful financial professionals have a customized and diverse marketing plan that works for them – across different age ranges, client situations and product needs. In our life insurance area, we offer the following:
Business Owner Marketing Kit
Business owners are one of the most coveted and challenging demographics to market your practice to. The million-dollar question is “How do I get in front of business owners and stand out from the crowd?” With Tarkenton Financial’s Business Owner Marketing Kit, we can help you target and attract business owners. We have a full Business Owner Marketing Kit that includes sample mailers, a full PowerPoint presentation with notes, and a sample business valuation report that you can offer all of business owner prospects that come in for a first appointment. Call Tarkenton Financial today to gain access this lucrative marketing kit.
New Rules of Retirement: Young Professional IUL Program
Index Universal Life Insurance can be very powerful for several different client profiles; but young professional represents a particularly attractive market. Our Young Professionals IUL Program includes a mailer, presentation and step-by-step guide to introduce IUL to professionals under the age of 50. When combined with our customized software packages, advisors can show these prospects and clients how an IUL can supplement or perhaps replace their 401(k) plans. With steady, annual premiums and long careers in front of them, your young professional clients can create a tremendous income when they reach retirement age. Call Tarkenton Financial today to start marketing to an underserved niche.
Policy Review Kit
In every client meeting, advisors should at least inquire about existing life insurance policies. The policy review kit walks an advisor and prospect through the steps to review their existing coverage. Due to increased life expectancy and changing mortality tables, life insurance has gotten less expensive and your client may get better coverage for less money. This kit includes scripts, sample letters and FAQs to help our advisors conduct a thorough policy review.
Email Drip Marketing
Every advisor should send monthly messages to their client and prospect database. Once set up, it is automated, informative and action oriented. Through our customized drip marketing program, advisors have access to a broad library of articles they can send weekly, monthly or on a more periodic basis. Every advisor should do this, period. Tarkenton Financial can help make it simple!