Client-Facing Whitepapers

The traditional dinner seminars have been around as long as financial advisor themselves. At Tarkenton Financial, we believe advisors need to get away from the idea of “plate lickers.” The way we see it, everyone is a plate licker until they hear a compelling message. That’s where we come in. We have several turn-key seminars that have a message that will captivate and educate your prospects.
Let’s Talk About Tax, Baby
Federal income tax has only been higher three times in the history of the history of the federal income tax. With our “Let’s Talk About Tax, Baby” whitepaper, you can help explain the benefits of paying taxes now and investing in a tax-free vehicle, like an IUL. Call Tarkenton Financial today to gain access to this powerful, client-facing whitepaper.
Premium Finance Explained
Premium Financing is a complicated topic. Although the High Net Worth individuals that can qualify for a Premium Finance case are usually a more sophisticated investor, our client-facing whitepaper can help explain why Premium Financing can be beneficial and how to start the process. Call Tarkenton Financial today to receive this important whitepaper and understand more about how to attract the high net worth individuals that may qualify for this strategy.