Brendan Topp

VP of Annuity Sales

Brendan will tell you his strength is not filling out a bio questionnaire. What Brendan is great at is growing relationships with our advisors and building cases for our advisors’ clients. Brendan grew up in the Atlanta area and majored in Finance at Auburn University. He has been with Tarkenton Financial since 2011, and has become one of the foremost experts on products and unique case design. Brendan has also worked in the mortgage industry and for an independent investment advisory firm. Brendan spends his time outside of work on the golf course and trying to get discovered by the MLB scouts while playing slow-pitch softball. Brendan will help you grow your business by providing your clients with the industry’s leading growth and income solutions. Give him a call today and give him a shot at your next case. Brendan would also like you to know…..War Damn Eagle!