We will help you consistently reach more prospects in any market by plugging into our digital and in-person prospecting programs.

  • Retirement GPS System

    Our proprietary, repeatable, and turnkey workshop system is designed to help you see more prospects at your events, and create more appointments in your office. We provide everything you need to guide your clients thru the Retirement GPS and avoid the 5 major roadblocks of retirement! This system makes workshops easy to setup, host, and convert - from our done-for-you digital-only marketing campaign (no direct mail), to our pre-packaged and customizable content and materials, to our quick and painless 15 business day turnaround time. Our advisors average more than $500,000 of FIA premium closed per event - a minimum of 5x ROI on your spend! Get your pipeline filled more quickly and more easily. events help you meet potential clients in a personalized and conversational setting. Meaningful interaction leads to powerful business opportunities.

    Learn More

    Learn More

    Retirement GPS Roundtables

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  • Educational Workshop Program

    Our educational workshop system provides the marketing, content, and credibility to help you present to more qualified prospects in your market. Take advantage of our exclusive presentations, mailers and not-for-profit postage discount. Topics include: Tax-Efficient Retirement Strategies, Maximizing Social Security & Retirement Income, Create Your Own Pension, and more.

    Download the Guide

    Download the Guide

    Educational Workshop Program

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  • Social Media Marketing

    Our plug-and-play social media video marketing system makes it easy to organically increase your reach without ad spend, build credibility, and see more appointments via short-form social media video! We've had advisors close hundreds of thousands in FIA premium just in the last 2 months using this system! Plus, our LinkedIn marketing tool helps you target potential clients in your market, from retirees to employees of large corporations. We generate direct 1-on-1 conversations for you - the rest is in your court!

    Download the Guide

    Download the Guide

    Social Media Marketing

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Position yourself as an authority in your field. We equip you with materials, tools, and advanced market expertise so you have confidence in your client conversations.

4 Ways to Leverage the Social Security Conversation

Strategies to help you build trust, provide value, and identify sales opportunities

4 Ways to Leverage the Social Security Conversation

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Fixed Index Annuities as a Bond Alternative

Learn why reallocating portions of a portfolio may create better outcomes and more guarantees for your clients.

Fixed Index Annuities as a Bond Alternative

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7 Tips to Create Tax-Efficient Retirement Income

Help your clients enjoy more, and more efficient, retirement income with these strategies.

7 Tips to Create Tax-Efficient Retirement Income

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Our proprietary tools


Advisors who leverage our easy-to-use but visually powerful planning software close more cases and gain more client assets.

  • Build retirement income plans in under 30 minutes
  • Increase closing ratios by simplifying and visualizing your plan for the client
  • Prospect and gather financial data online with the click of a button
  • Integrate seamlessly with the annuity product solutions you love


The spirit of kinship is in everything we do at Tarkenton Financial.

Rewards & Incentives

We invest back into you and your business, and we help you celebrate your wins in style. Our marketing reimbursement program and top advisor incentive trips to amazing worldwide destinations are about recognizing your excellence and hard work, while helping you grow!

Expert Team

We believe that the mission of business is to help people. Our tight-knit home office team combines several decades of experience with a shared mission of helping you reach your peak.

Family of Advisors

At Tarkenton Financial, you’re never one of many. You’re one of us. We invite you to experience a unique culture in our industry and find out why our advisors partner with us for the long haul.

A Hall of Fame Partner

Working with us means working with NFL Hall of Famer and legendary entrepreneur Fran Tarkenton. Fran’s personal commitment to helping his advisor partners offers you unique added value for your brand and a nationally-recognized business partner.

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