Jill Blitch

Executive Assistant to Fran Tarkenton

Without Jill, Fran and all of Tarkenton Financial would be lost. Jill has been working with Fran for 25+ years and keeping Tarkenton Financial in order since inception. She helps coordinate all of our travel and event details as well as coordinate Fran’s schedule with us, for appearances Fran makes for advisors. If you were to ask 10 year old Jill what she wanted to do when she grew up, she would have told you she wanted to be the eccentric aunt who traveled the world and regaled her family once every few years with her stories of world travels. But when you talk to Jill today, she will tell you she is far departed from her 10 year old self, because she enjoys going to concerts, exploring small towns and neighborhoods, and spending all the time with her family. Fran loves Jill because she is so deeply loyal; in fact, she was voted ‘Most Likely to be Best Friends with her Best Friend from Kindergarten,’ (and she is!) Once you meet Jill and have the chance to get to know her you will come to believe her life’s motto, “Everything will be OK.”