As many of you know, I love to think outside of the box.  I wanted to share an idea that has worked for a few agents that I know.  The reason I love it is that it is cost effective and yet very beneficial to building a profitable practice for many years.  There is always a cost involved in marketing.  You can pay for it with your money, or you can pay with your time and energy.  The idea I am going to share with you below involves mostly the latter.

Day Cares, Babies R US, Toys R US, Church Fairs, Local Carnival type events, Home Shows, Bridal Shows, Gun Shows, Local Concerts, etc.…

  • These type events will typically have young couples, parents, and the occasional grandparents.
  • Typical Assets found, $25k to $100K on average. This leads to lots of Term and other Insurance Sales.
  • Typical total Costs is around $500.00 ($250 to $300 Attend).
  • May want to include a $50 or a $100 Gift Card to give away.
  • $100 in personal materials such as books, printed materials, pens and of course balloons attract kids!
  • In one weekend you can pick up 50 to 100 names or prospects!

Babies R US and Day Care Centers are typically no costs with the exception of the giveaway items.

Babies R US does Baby Fests about 1 time per quarter, and there are other expos as well.  Don’t believe me, just google “Baby Fair Vendor” along with your state! You can also search for other expos in your area.

Don’t laugh!  This is how one of our agents made his first $100k in the business! Why is this such an important concept?

  1. Nothing happens in this business unless you can get your message in front of people who need your services
  2. Agents are always looking for cost effective marketing strategies to get started, or to supplement what they are already doing!
  3. You have to think of different ways to feed more people into the drip marketing systems you have to cultivate relationships and future business. (Call us if you don’t have a drip marketing campaign)

I cannot emphasize enough just how willing and eager we all are to help here at Tarkenton Financial.  Remember that Teams Win!  Individuals don’t!  We are part of your team and we are all here to help.  Take full advantage of all that we offer and do.

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