Only you can answer that question! We had a great call on Friday, where we gave you 5 tips for getting started in this business. You can watch a recording here, but these are some highlights…and a bonus!

  • Read this Annuity Educational Resources flier (with links to articles, webinars and other resources on the basics of our industry);
  • To understand the bigger picture (all the things to think about in retirement), read this client-facing guide “So, You’re Thinking About Retirement” – a really great tool!
  • Eat Your Own Cooking! Consider buying a product to better understand the product features, paperwork, annual renewal statements and other requirements – plus, avoid that awkward moment when your prospective client asks you if you own the product you are advocating. We discussed this Friday on the webinar. Call us for more information on a special agent annuity program offer from our partners at American Equity.

How are you getting smarter and better this week? Invest in yourself, learn more about our products and business, and talk to people. We’re here to support you every step of the way!

– Matt 

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