Dear Friends,

Last month, I had the opportunity to volunteer at a football camp for high school kids, hosted by NFL coach (and my former Princeton teammate) Jason Garrett.  Surrounded by current and past NFL and college players and coaches, and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Coach Garrett inspired the kids to:

Control What You Can Control

See the quote below and the message from Coach Garrett.

So, how does this apply to you, me and other financial advisors? 

Jason is a professional and a leader.  He inspires others to be better.  Are you a true professional in your business?  Do you wake up every day, striving to get better? And, maybe most importantly, do you control what you can control?

As we enter the 2nd half of the year, our PEAK system offers you the tools to reach a higher level of performance.

  • Prospecting – The world is opening back up … What are you doing to get your name and message in front of more prospects? We can help.
  • Education – Are you educating your clients (and yourself) on Social Security strategies, long-term care approaches, and building a stable retirement income plan?
  • Assessment – Do you have the best software tools and resources to help your clients?
  • Kinship – Do you benefit from a community of advisors, who share best practices and accountability to improve?

You can’t control when your prospects decide to work with you; but you can control your activity each day and week; your knowledge; the tools at your disposal; and learning from your top advisor peers.

Call your Tarkenton Financial marketer to learn how you can increase your performance in the 2nd half of 2021!

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