Results are in for 2nd quarter annuity and life insurance sales. You can find the full detail here. I believe it is really important that you have a sense of the big picture, as you go about your work of working with individual clients. So, here are some observations:

  • FIA sales were $12.253 billion in Q2 2015, just under $12.566 billion in Q2 2014. The industry is on track for another year of $45-$50 billion of FIA sales and that may increase as market volatility drives more clients to guaranteed income solutions.
  • Who’s On Top: Allianz and American Equity are still on top, #1 and #2 in the industry.
  • Who Dropped: Interestingly, Security Benefit dropped to #10 (from the top 3), as their products appear to have become less competitive.
  • Who’s Usually on the List: Carriers such as Great American, Athene, F&G, and EquiTrust are consistently in the top 10. American General (AIG) has moved up with more recently competitive product offerings.

We always looks for consistency and stability among our carriers. There are always going to be some “blue light specials” (in the words of one famous advisor!) with short-term specials on bonuses, rates, caps and other product features. Long term, you and your clients will probably be best served sticking with carriers who are consistently towards the top of the industry rankings. However, every case is unique, and our Product Support Team is always here to help advise you on carrier and product selection. Call them today for case help at 800-659-4942.

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