While the product support team is Tarkenton Financial’s best annuity resource, there are many others that Tarkenton offers to our agents free of charge. If you are not already using them, I highly recommend you start! I am going to take a few minutes to highlight our best annuity technology resources, so next time I talk to you about one of these great resources, don’t tell me you’ve never heard of it or didn’t know it was offered to you by Tarkenton!

Retirement Analyzer is a comprehensive retirement planning software that helps agents provide easy-to-understand retirement solutions to their clients. This software uses the simple “red line” technique to show a client when they will run out of money, based on their current financial situation and when they plan to retire. If the client is worried about outliving their assets, depending on where their red line falls, the agent can work to find income products that may help push their red line further into their retirement. This software gives our agents a repeatable sales process to follow. Once you start seeing the results of using Retirement Analyzer in your practice, you will realize the value! To see a sample Retirement Analyzer report, please click here.  If you would like access to this tool or to get more information about our production requirements for free access, please e-mail Jennifer at jsikes@tarkentonfinancial.com.

Annuity Rate Watch is an annuity illustration service Tarkenton subscribes to in order to offer our agents illustrations that may not be available via individual carrier websites. The hypothetical illustrations provided by ARW allow single or multiple products to be illustrated to see what the hypothetical performance of a specific annuity/annuities would have been in the past, based on the current interest rates of each product. ARW also provides illustrations to compare multiple income riders in one report. This helps analyze each income rider available to determine which rider would provide the most income for a specific scenario. Our agents can request either of these illustrations by contacting our product department at 800-659-4942.

Annuity Specs is an annuity product sorting tool available under the “Products” section on our website. This tool is created by Sheryl Moore, a well-known industry guru, and her team. It allows our agents to sort through all annuity products we offer based on case-specific criteria input into the system. For example, it’s a great way to search for products available in specific states or for certain issue ages. To find it on our website, please click here (you will need to login).

iPipeline is an application packet builder that we also offer on our website. Forms for almost every company we carrier can be found using this tool. Our product support team is always happy to pull application packets for you, but this resource is also available to you at any time. To find it on our website, please click here (you will need to login).

Your product support team at Tarkenton should always be your first line of defense for any annuity product needs, but utilizing the resources we provide can also be very beneficial to your business. Knowing these tools exist is half the battle, and starting to use them is your next step to success!

Jennifer Sikes

Annuity Product Support Specialist

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