Ever had an app returned because it wasn’t properly completed, costing you and your client time and money? Don’t lie, we’ve ALL been there. What if there was a way to make sure it never happens again? Too good to be true you say? Impossible? Better chance of the Jamaican bobsled team qualifying for the Winter Olympics (wait, that actually happened…)?

The future is here – Allianz ApplyNOW! ApplyNOW is a new way to submit fixed indexed annuity business electronically. Based upon your state and product, it will automatically generate the forms you need, walk you through the application, and flag potential errors.

In a nutshell, ApplyNOW

  • Simplifies and speeds up the process
  • Secure eSignature makes it easy to deliver applications to both Allianz and the client instantly and electronically
  • The right forms the first time, every time – reduce the risk of requiring the client to sign additional/corrected forms, which we all HATE having to do

You can access ApplyNOW at www.AllianzLife.com from your computer, iPad, or tablet! Allianz makes the learning curve easy by offering videos, training modules, and FAQs to get producers up to speed on this great new tool. One feature I’ve heard our agents rave about is how you can view in progress and completed applications from the past 60 days!

Also, Allianz wants to thank YOU for giving the successful new tool a try. Use ApplyNOW prior through 10/16/15 and receive an additional $100.00 per application submitted. See official rules for more details.

Many of our top carriers are taking this route to make things more efficient for both the producer and home office. I do foresee a day where carriers will ONLY accept online applications, let’s be ahead of the game. Call TF Product Support or Allianz directly for more information. We want you to focus your time on what you do best, selling!

– Brendan Topp

Tarkenton Financial Product Support

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