Study after study talks about the importance of continual learning. If you haven’t already, I’d encourage you to set up a Google alert to send you articles daily on topics you want to learn about. In business, I get a daily feed on retirement planning, entrepreneurship, annuities and other topics.  I skim them quickly and hone in on a few that I think will be particularly helpful.

Increasingly, we are seeing articles such as this one from the Wall Street Journal, entitled “How to Make Your Savings Outlive You.” It is yet another example of how important and indeed how mainstream the work we do is becoming. The article begins, “It’s the great retirement debate:  How much can retirees spend each year without running out of money before they take their last breath?” Does that sound familiar? Perhaps Shawn Moran’s “Hope Is Not a Strategy” or Tony Dale’s “Common Sense Retirement” concepts come to mind?

The key point for people a lot smarter than me is “you shouldn’t expect a fixed-income stream from risky investments,” and the article positions deferred income annuities, preferably those that pay income that rises with inflation, as a potential solution.

The fixed annuity market will grow over 25% this year. Are you experiencing that kind of growth? Keep learning, stay current and take advantage of the great opportunity before us. Click here to set up a Google Alert, or call us at 800.659.4942 if you need help!

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