We talk a lot about learning and continuous improvement. I have an advantage. I get to work with over 250 premier retirement planners, many of whom share their tips for success. Thanks to Rene in California for introducing me to Coach Joe Lukacs.  Among other things, I get a daily dose of BrainFood from Coach Joe.  It is quick, but often inspiring and useful.
Coach Joe shared this article, entitled, “12 Habits of Extraordinarily Motivated People”  When I read this list and work with agents like Tony, Tom, Loretta, Shawn and Matt, I do see some common links to success.  Highly motivated and successful people…

  • Relish challenging themselves, learning and exploring (I see this in my Dad every day)
  • They look at the upside…what is working and their successes (glass is always half full)
  • They are humble…willing to admit when they make a mistake
  • They continue to learn…read a lot and are brilliant observers
  • They don’t blame others…find solutions not problems
  • They don’t give up…we all hit road bumps but high achievers solve problems, come up with a plan, take action, and get past it.

Read a lot, observe top performers and challenge yourself to best the best you can be too. What else? What do you observe about top performers? Email me at mtarkenton@tarkentonfinancial.com and let me know what you think!

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