As you may have heard, Security Benefit (one of the three largest carriers in the industry) recently announced a suspension of sales on one of their top FIA products, the Secure Income Annuity.

In the wake of frequent rate changes from many carriers, this sudden announcement raises many questions and concerns for producers and consumers.
•    Will other carriers follow suit?
•    Will my clients’ in-force policies be affected in the future?
•    When a product looks too good to be true, is it?

In the end, all of these issues remind me of a wise, fundamental rule of thumb for us all to remember: DIVERSIFICATION. Just as clients shouldn’t have all their investments in one asset class, producers and FMOs shouldn’t be too heavily tied to one carrier.

There are many carriers with strong, stable financials that offer competitive products for a multitude of your clients’ scenarios. It reminds us all to be wary of the “too good to be true products” and “flash in the pan” carriers. There is something to be said for the carriers who are consistently leading the industry, year after year.

The phones in our product support area have been ringing off the hook with agents looking for solutions and alternatives to the Security Benefit product.

Let me assure you this is where Jennifer and I can truly help you. We have carriers and products that powerfully fill the void left by the Secure Income Annuity. Furthermore, amid the frequent rate and product changes of late, we can help you find the best product to fit your clients’ needs.

Call Tarkenton Financial Product Support at 800-659-4942 to get the inside scoop on the industry’s strongest and most consistent carriers and products.

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