Tarkenton Financial is proud to introduce our PEAK System. It captures and improves our system for advisors to grow in 2021 and beyond. We have a set of offerings for each phase:

  • Prospecting: Effective tools/campaigns for you to get in front of more prospects
  • Education: Advisor and prospect education resources
  • Assessment: Proprietary planning software and appointment tools
  • Kinship: The secret sauce of community, personalized service, and collaboration with your peers

As we approach the end of a very difficult year, I’d like to ask each of you to think about: What is your PEAK for the coming year?

In other words, when you look back on the year, how will you define success? Ask yourself:

  • How many new clients do I want to add?
  • What are my annuity and life premium goals for the year?
  • How much can I and will I commit to my marketing budget?
  • What do I want to add to my practice – a CPA partner, an aggressive marketing schedule, reviewing annuity/AUM clients for life insurance opportunities? Something else?
  • How can I deepen relationships with my partners and clients?

Like a football team that has to work on offense, defense, and special teams, each of us has different needs and areas for improvement. You may need more Prospecting, while others may need to adopt a new planning software (Assessment) or use tools to Educate their prospects better.

The fun of business (and life!) is that there is always something to improve upon. So I encourage you to think about ‘What could be my PEAK for 2021?’

If you’re ready to reach your professional peak as an independent advisor in the retirement and income planning space, let us show you how to use our powerful system to GROW your practice! We look forward to showing you how Tarkenton Financial will help you reach your PEAK in 2021 and beyond!

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