This year, Tarkenton Financial is committed to helping you reach your PEAK level for performance through:

  • More effective and innovative Prospecting tools;
  • Better Educational materials for you and your clients;
  • Assessment software to help with your clients’ retirement plans and product selection; and
  • Using Kinship to provide you support and incentives to reach your highest level

In these monthly notes, I will offer you short advice to reset your brain, intention and activity to reach these highest levels.

In his seminal book The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg observes that 40-50% of our daily activities are habitual, on auto-pilot. Habits are kind of like grooves in your brain. Once your action falls into the groove, it just follows the groove. Follow a good groove, get good results. Follow a less helpful groove, get less optimal results. And it just keeps happening, all day long!

If you want to reach higher levels of performance, your PEAK for 2021, you need to ensure you have the most effective and powerful prospecting habits. Under our Prospecting Tools, we have developed Event Marketing (still dormant in most areas due to Covid) and Digital Marketing (using Facebook and LinkedIn systems, for example). Please contact your Marketer to learn more about these programs.

But more broadly, you need to develop better daily habits to stay in front of prospects. Are you truly intentional in how you prospect? Is contacting clients and prospects your highest priority each day? If it is not and you want to reach your PEAK in 2021, it should be.

One of our Top Advisors works using a 20 Point Per Day System. He does it every day. It is a habit. He assigns points to certain activities:

  • 1 Point for making a phone call to a prospect
  • 2 Points for securing an appointment
  • 4 Points for doing a face-to-face sales call
  • 10 Points for making a sale, etc.

If you get at least 20 points per day, every day, I promise you will reach your PEAK in 2021. Call your marketer to request a copy of the 20 Point Per Day System worksheet. Use it as a template and customize it, as necessary, to fit your particular needs.

Professional athletes train every day; they do the little things in practice, which lead to touchdowns in games. Start building better habits in your prospecting today and together, we will reach our peak in 2021.

Here’s to reaching your PEAK in this new year!

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