Being a Tarkenton, I was, of course, born in Minnesota while my dad played for the Vikings!  I lived several places as a kid, from Minnesota to Connecticut to New York to my current home of Atlanta. I’m a proud University of Georgia Bulldog (where I majored in International Business and French) and I also consider myself lucky to have grown up in the South as well as the Midwest and Northeast regions of our great country. I‘ve been influenced by all these great places!

As our name suggests, Tarkenton Financial is a family company. I’ve been working with my dad here for more than a decade, and my passion and vision for Tarkenton Financial is to have each and every agent feel like a part of our family!  And that is not a tag line. We truly strive to know our agents and reach out every day to help our people in whatever way we can.  Marketing programs, webinars, product changes and case design, life insurance…and my new passion…our Women’s Program!

Through our partners at Brokers International, our female agents now have access to the WOMAN Program. What a fantastic way for women to network, collaborate, share ideas and meet each other. As one of the few female executives and FMO principals in our industry, I bring a unique perspective to the women in our organization, and  I will be working over the coming months to expand our reach to others in the industry that want more advocacy and programs to support women agents. We’ll also be focusing on programs and strategies geared toward serving female clients (which is beneficial to you gentlemen, too!).  The WOMAN Program holds two conferences each year as well as fantastic monthly webinars.  Please contact me to learn more about what’s available to you thru the WOMAN Program, or better yet, join me in Panora, Iowa, in September for the next WOMAN Conference!

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