As we all focus on our individual businesses, I always find it helpful to track broader sales trends in the fixed index annuity business.  Linked Here Are 2nd Quarter 2014 FIA Sales Results.  Some key takeaways include:

  • Q2 2014 sales were $12.6 billion, up 36.5% when compared to Q2 2013.  Take away:  FIAs are gaining market traction and impressive growth!
  • Allianz Life remained the #1 carrier with $3.8 billion and 30.38% market share.  Allianz is on track to have over $14 billion in sales, double their sales from 2013.  Take away:  these products are popular with consumers.
  • American Equity remained a solid #3 carrier with $1.0 billion in sales.  Gold Eagle members have also seen a great run in AEL stock, which now trades around $24 per share.
  • Great American and Athene rounded out the top 5 carriers in Q2.
  • We also see great momentum with Equitrust and F&G life, which has just introduced one of the top guaranteed income products in the industry.

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