The phrase drip marketing comes from the concept of “drip irrigation” in gardening and agriculture. This method waters plants using small amounts of water over long periods of time. In your business, “drip marketing” describes the value of repetition in your marketing – a slow build – to achieve the desired results. A “marketing blitz,” on the other hand, is a concentrated marketing campaign in a short period of time – maybe a Social Security educational workshop, for example.

If drip marketing is automatic and habitual, it really takes no additional time, yet allows you to stay in front of your clients and prospects regularly. Further, developing relationships with “non-lookers” often yields the best results. Let’s be honest, people are going to “buy” when they are ready to buy. But, if they have heard from you quarterly or monthly – about topics such as organizing their estate documents, eating right in retirement, caring for their bodies as they age, and how to assess their “readiness” to retire – they will likely call you when they are ready!

Commit yourself to generating a minimum of 4 drip marketing messages per year to your clients and prospects. Tarkenton Financial makes this easy with our low-cost quarterly newsletter designed to send to your prospects and clients. Make sure to include links to your website! If you feel more ambitious, commit to sending out a monthly email message to your list. This will cost you next to nothing, and it’s a great way to stay in touch with your potential customers. Call Tarkenton Financial for help and ideas on generating fresh content for your monthly email message. Watch our recent webinar for more ideas too!

Drip marketing combines the power of a sales prospecting database with the reach of an automatic, ongoing direct mail campaign. You will love the results. Repeated marketing messages will help drive what your prospect perceives about you and your company before a personal relationship even develops. Commit to drip marketing as one pillar of your marketing plan, and call us for help!

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