People ask me all the time “what is it that makes Tarkenton Financial different from others in this industry?”  I usually touch on all the different marketing programs that we have, our proprietary software, our experience, etc. But what it really comes down to is our team.  We are committed to being the best we can be and improving every day. Serving our agents and their clients is priority #1. Period. Many producers don’t understand that until they meet us firsthand and have that “AH-HA” moment.
When I played quarterback in the NFL, I got better by talking to other quarterbacks. I asked questions and learned from them. There wasn’t a week that went by that I wasn’t picking the brains of Y.A. Tittle, Johnny Unitas or Roger Staubach. We get better when we are constantly trying to learn something new. That’s when we have our own “AH-HA” moments that lead us to greater success.  It’s the same in our industry today. Producers like you need to hear from proven producers who are out there in the arena every day. That’s why we’re hosting our Super Bowl of Sales on January 29th in our Atlanta office.
We’ll be leading a full day of free sales training with Shawn Moran, one of our most consistent top producers and a proven field trainer, who will share with you some of the powerful lessons and insights he’s learned in his practice. We’ll also have our entire team here to share the many ways we help our producers grow, including:
•    Our Values-Based Selling System and 3-Step Appointment Process
•    “Power Questions” for your Appointments
•    Co-branding opportunities like websites, live Skypes with me and your clients, radio and more
•    Creating a 12-Month Marketing Plan for 2015
•    Turnkey Social Security Marketing Tools and CPA Alliance Program
•    Proven Seminar and Client Education Programs
•    Retirement Planning Software Tools
•    Index Universal Life Selling Strategies and Tools

I strongly believe that nobody has an original thought.  We all learn from what we hear, what we see and what we read. In the NFL, I benefited from learning from some of the greats, and in business, I have benefited from learning from some of the best minds like Sam Walton, Bernie Marcus and Steve Jobs.  I try to incorporate everything I’ve learned over 75 years of life into Tarkenton Financial and we continue to learn and adapt every day.  We strive to give you access to producers and trainers that will help YOU learn and help YOU grow your business.

So many agents have found value in all of the programs and training we offer, but they never really get it until they see it all for themselves and experience the “AH-HA” moment. I hope you can join us in Atlanta on January 29th for our Super Bowl of Sales training event, and experience your own “AH-HA” moment with us! See you there!

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