I have been thinking and talking a lot lately about how to build marketing plans.  So let me share a little secret with you all:

The perfect marketing plan does NOT exist!

Example 1:  A particular agent (I have talked to several this week who fit this description) wants to get in front of prospects.  First, she needs to build a website.  Before she builds her website, she needs a good website address (URL) and it needs to be tied to her firm name.  But, she’s just not sure what a good name for her firm may be.  Also, she needs a logo to go with the name.  Hmmm.  Sadly, this agent may continue to noodle on the same issues in March, April and May, and never get around to building her website or actually talking to any prospects.

Example 2:  An agent (true story!) came from the P&C industry, doesn’t have deep financial planning experience, but is motivated by action.  He sends a few email marketing messages to a database of contacts (past clients, prospects, friends, and neighbors), and he builds a website which promotes retirement income solutions, Social Security services and life insurance ideas.  He begins simply talking to prospects, builds income plans, proposes product solutions and has, as a result of all these efforts, made over $2 million of sales in the past 2 months.  Someone from Texas found his website, subscribed to his mailing list and is now considering a $400,000 annuity sale.

My encouragement to all of you this New Year is to stop looking for the perfect marketing solution.  It doesn’t exist.  There are lots of good marketing programs – a good website, a list of clients and prospects, a regular direct mail program, scheduling events such as Social Security workshops or women’s programs or traditional seminars.  Just pick a few; take action and get started.

We see too many agents who spin their wheels, looking for the perfect firm name, website, and marketing method.  The times are too good for you to search for perfect – 10,000 prospective clients are turning 65 every day, worried about their retirement future.  They see stock market volatility early this year and stress about the security of their nest egg.  Get out in front of people, knock on doors, tell them what you do.  Much like agent #2 above – they will find you, you will learn by “getting your hands in the soil,” and success will be yours in 2015.

“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”
– George S. Patton

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