On last Friday’s webinar, we had a great turnout to hear Denny Southern talk about how to sell fixed index annuities (FIAs) in a low interest rate environment.

Denny touched on the history of the 10-year treasury, which drives FIA pricing and is at an all-time low (around 1.75%).  While we don’t know if interest rates will go lower or higher, we know that “competing” products (like CDs, which average just 0.16% for a 6-month CD) don’t offer the income guarantees or the interest-crediting potential (think of an 8% upfront bonus as an alternative) of FIAs.

Denny also explained volatility controls, a feature found in the indexing of several new FIA products. Most importantly, he covered how you can explain these to your clients. After 20 years of impressive growth (from just $130 million in sales in 1995 to over $47 billion in 2014), we and many others believe that FIAs still offer the best option of stability of principal and guaranteed income in retirement – and that is what you’re selling, especially in this low interest rate environment.

Click here to watch a replay of this very educational webinar!


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