As we hit mid-February, you may be disappointed that you’ve already given up on those resolutions or fallen behind on those goals. Don’t despair! I want to offer you some advice on how to get back on track.

In his very compelling weekly blog, Eric Barker cites several studies which show how small accomplishments can be quite motivating: “Those little achievements you can see day to day … anything that went well (or got done). Don’t take that achievement…for granted.”  I’ve also written in the past about the book Little Bets by Peter Simms.  He cites example after example, from Google and to Chris Rock, of breakthrough ideas emerging from small discoveries. So, how does this all apply to you?

Don’t focus on how you are going to do $5 million or even $500,000 of annuity production. Focus on some small wins. Start with a website; then, build a prospect list (even if it’s just you and me!); send out an email; speak to a small group; do a Social Security optimization report for someone; show them a hypothetical annuity application. Get their feedback. Repeat the cycle above.

Once you start to put one step in front of the other, you’ll discover you are walking down the road; building prospect lists; talking to customers; and developing a real purpose and passion for the work you are doing. Once you find that purpose and passion, the big goals won’t be far behind.

What small wins have you had this week? Let me know, I want to hear from you!

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