My Dad is nowhere close to retiring. He loves our work too much. But when and if he ever slows down, I hope and know his “life lessons” will be a legacy to our company. When you think of the Green Bay Packers, you think of Lombardi. When you think of Tarkenton Financial, I hope Fran’s life lessons continue to drive us all.

One of them is simple: the mission of business is to help people.

Friends, one of our colleagues is hurting. Our dear friend and partner, Bill Meyers, is having health problems, which has affected his ability to work and support his family. Those of you who know Bill know what a good man and a good advisor he is. Several of our agents and advisors met last week and suggested we establish a fund to help Bill in his time of need.

We have set up a GoFundMe page where you can make a donation to support Bill. Click here to access the page. In 2 short days, we’ve raised over $5,000 thanks to our employees and agents, and we would appreciate your support of Bill. Please never feel obligated but support Bill, if you are so inclined.

Every day, you help your clients have a more secure retirement. We try to help you find better ways to market your business and help those clients with outstanding products.

When I called Bill Friday to tell him of this fund and our partners desire to help such a fine man in a time of need, it brought him to tears. It brought me to tears as well. Life and business is about helping people. It is one of the enduring principles of my Dad and of Tarkenton Financial.

What a joy it is to help Bill Meyers at this time and each of you every day.

Click here to donate to “Bucks for Bill.” Thank you!

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