While you primarily focus on getting in front of prospects and refining your system to help them with their retirement plans, it is always good to keep an eye on the big picture. Remember, the FIA market grew almost 25% in 2014, so the products we represent are becoming more popular with the general public. They offer guarantees, stability and income your clients can never outline.

In Q1 2015, FIA sales were $11.382 million up 5% from Q1 2014. So, this was the largest quarter of sales in the history of this product line. The top carriers included:

Allianz (#1), American Equity (#2), Great American (#4), Athene (#5), F&G (#6).

Full details from our partners at Wink can be found by clicking here.

While the top carriers basically remained the same, we’ve seen more evenly spread distribution in 2015. So, while Allianz commanded 33% of the market share in 2014, sales were more evenly distributed in the first quarter of this year. Our Product Support Department is busier than ever and we believe, can be more helpful than ever to you. Rates and products are changing fairly frequently…if you are looking for income now, in 5 years or more than 10 years from now…or if you are looking for more accumulation or attractive death benefits, our Product Support Team is here to help you! Please call Brendan, Jennifer or Tyler at 800-659-4942 to help anytime.

Take advantage of record-breaking sales and industry momentum to grow your business!

Matthew F. Tarkenton
Executive Vice President
Tarkenton Financial, LLC

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