Last month, I started working with a nutritionist, not because I needed to lose a bunch of weight but because I wanted to have more energy, sleep better, and take better care of myself. So far, I have made positive changes to my diet that have made me feel much better! If you want to reach PEAK levels of performance in your business, like greater sales than you have attained in the past, something has to change.

This month, as you consider changes and habits to reach higher levels, I invite you to think like an “Essentialist” and do less, better. What? How can you do more, by doing less?

Well, Essentialism by Greg McKeown underscores how scattered most of us feel. We feel busy, but not productive, and spread too thin. Some of this is due to our society, where we spend 47% of our days on the Internet and at any given time, only focus 53% of our attention on the project in front of us. But, to be a PEAK performer, McKeown asserts that we need to eliminate tasks that are not productive and be more focused on the highest value activities.

It can be easy to let things distract you from your PEAK performance. Productivity expert Chris Bailey asserts that attention is a muscle and we need to rebuild our attention muscles. So, let us help you focus on 2-3 marketing activities that drive the greatest results for you; let us show you our simple, easy planning software that closes more sales with less work. And, then, let’s go deep with a long-term relationship (we like to call it Kinship) that is different from any you’ve experienced in our industry.

PEAK by Tarkenton Financial provides the focus, tools and change you need to reach your PEAK level in 2021.

Please call your marketer to request more information on how we can implement PEAK in your practice to increase your annuity and life production in 2021.

We are here to help you.

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