By now, I hope you have had an opportunity to learn about our PEAK system, a series of tools and resources to help you reach higher levels of production in your retirement planning practice.

Now, I played 18 years in the NFL and upon retirement, held every major passing record.  The one thing that drove me, in my career and even now, has been the relentless pursuit of improvementEvery day; in every practice and in every game, I wanted to get better.  But, don’t take it from me, let me tell you a little story.  About Tom Brady, arguably the greatest quarterback of all time.

When Tom Brady joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020, he was introduced to Bryon Leftwich, his new Offensive Coordinator.  Leftwich is 3 years younger than Brady and had a relatively modest career as a pro quarterback.  Over a 10 year career, Leftwich played for 4 teams, saw action in 60 games and threw for 10,500 yards and 58 touchdowns.  Brady, by contrast, has played in over 300 games (plus 45 more in the playoffs), thrown for over 79,000 yards (plus 13,000 more in the playoffs) and 581 touchdowns (plus 83 more in the playoffs).  He has won 7 Super Bowls and 5 Super Bowl MVPs.

When Brady first met Leftwich, he didn’t look down at him or act like he had nothing to learn.  Tom Brady walked into Leftwich’s office and told him, “I want you to coach me, I want you to make me better.”  That is what makes Tom Brady so impressive.  At 43 years old, as great as he has been, Tom Brady wanted to be mentored and coached.  In every aspect of his life and career, Tom Brady wants to be better.  I will tell you all of the greats in life have coaches that drive them to improve.  In your practice, if you want to reach your highest levels, you need to be coached too!

Do you need to get better at PROSPECTING (using digital and in person methods), EDUCATION (of yourself or for your clients), ASSESSMENT (using the best tools for your practice and your clients), or benefiting from KINSHIP (a community of learning from like minded advisors)?  Tarkenton Financial has the tools and coaching to elevate you game.

Call or email your marketer to get a One Page Summary of PEAK and a copy of my ‘7 Maxims for Success in Business and Life.’ Be like Tom Brady.  Seek out coaching.  Strive to improve your practice every day.

Tarkenton Financial is here to help you!

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